Brand Story

RHINO SHOE is a well established and renowned brand of safety footwear started and developed by Safetyware Sdn. Bhd. since 2006. In less than a decade time, it has grown to become a reputable brand of safety footwear which is trusted by tens of thousands of users in the world. RHINO SHOE has successfully carved an image of being high quality safety footwear which offers ultimate comfort, rock-solid toughness elegant design and with affordable prices. Our shoes are designed by famed European shoe craftsman and manufactured in Malaysia for the world. Every pair of RHINO SHOE is hand made by highly skilled and experienced workers which pay the utmost attention and care to finest details, in fully equipped manufacturing facilities incorporated with the latest shoe making technology.

RHINO SHOE safety footwear were firstly developed in 2006 with only 3 series of shoes. After 10 years, we are now having 5 different series which cater almost all industries. We successfully export our first batch of safety shoes to foreign country in 2007. From that day onwards, RHINO SHOE emerges rapidly to become one of the top safety shoes brand in South East Asia.

RHINO SHOE safety footwear is manufactured under stringent quality control systems certified to ISO 9001 standards and complied with international safety standards such as the European CE, Malaysian SIRIM and Singapore SS 513 Standards. Every step in producing the safety shoes are being checked strictly before it's ready to deliver to our customers. This is to make sure that our safety shoes quality always matches with its value.

Today, RHINO SHOE is available in the whole Malaysia and more than 30 other countries throughout the world which is distributed by our authorized distributors. Inspired to become one of the leading brands of safety footwear in the world, our team is committed to continuously improving the quality of RHINO SHOE. After all, we are a firm believer that if better is possible, good is not enough. That is the key spirit which drive the growth of RHINO SHOE to what it is today.