RHINO SHOE SpongeTech ™ Technology

RHINO SHOE Ultranite series is made with Dual Density Nitrile Rubber (DDR) sole featuring SpongeTech™ Technology. The nitrile rubber sole is made with 2-layer construction, with outer layer being made with solid nitrile compound which offers superior resistance against abrasion, heat, common chemical & oils, while the middle layer of the sole is made with specially formulated expanded nitrile rubber cells which provide enhanced comfort, reduce foot fatigue and shoe weight reduction of about 20% when compared with safety shoes made with conventional nitrile rubber sole. In addition, the DDR sole also has good antistatic properties and offers good slip resistance in wet conditions. The break-through and adoption of SpongeTech™ Technology have propelled our Ultranite series to a new era unparalleled by any others.

RHINO SHOE Material Technology

Nitrile Rubber Strong and durable material

Offers excellent heat resistance up to 300°C and abrasion resistance

Offers good resistance against common chemical and oil
Polyurethane (PU) One of the most popular outsole material in the market

A compound that consists of many tiny air bubbles to provide superb shock

Lightweight and flexible

Non-marking and offers antistatic performance
Steel Midsole Plate Penetration resistance

Improve mid-foot rigidity

Take care of our bottom of feet

For extra safety
Fabric Midsole Plate
Metal Free

Lightweight and flexible

Penetration resistance

Protects 100% of the sole, protect right up to the edge of the foot
Steel Toe Cap Offer premium protection for your toes

Resists 200 Joules of drop force

Suitable to be used in wide range of industrial, construction and all general purpose workplace applications
Fibreglass Toe Cap Metal Free

Lightweight and flexible

Resists 200 Joules of drop force

40% lighter than steel toe cap, will not rust and will not transmit electricity