Every Hero Needs Special Shoes

What if Tony Stark does not have his iron suits? As our heart throb Captain ‘Steve Rogers’ America used to say,

"Big man, in a suit of armour… take that away, what are you?"

And Stark answered,

"A genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist."

Okay, enough of Avengers throwback. I am not here today to reminisce those happier Avengers’ memories (RIP Tony Stark).

Tony Stark might be a genius, a billionaire, a playboy (cough) and a philanthropist without his iron suit, but can he protect the New York city against Chitauri without his iron suit? Can he possibly use the infinity stones without his iron suit?

So, Tony Stark is undeniably a jack of all trade, but he is not an iron man without his suit. Why am I emphasizing about his suit so much? Tony Stark is a great guy with or without his suit, I know.

I am here to mention, to state, to clarify, why almost all the heroes we see, has some sort of armour regardless of how skillful or how extraordinary they are.

You see, we are a hero of our own. Each of us, at one point, is protecting something, taking care of someone, or achieving some goals.

So, as a hero, we also need our special armour.

Today, let us kickstart our hero’s costume with...


Rhino Shoe-1

Fellow heroes,

Is shoe even important?

Yes, it is! How can you walk the road without wearing a shoe?

In fact, we must look for shoes with high stats for defense, to protect our precious toe from all the evil out there.

And maybe protect the sole of your foot from Lego.

Let us take our Rhino Shoes - Ultranite Series as example.

Built with improved nitrile rubber outsole to make it lighter, and made it Direct Vulcanised Technology (DVT), which is a shoe making technology normally used in the production of military boots. Now, it already sounds heroic right?

It does not stop there.

The sole is made from Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR). As a non-chemical/non-polymer person, I have no idea what that means at first. However, I do know, that NBR sole, offers heat resistance! In other words, if you equip this shoe, “You have received a passive skill: Heat Resistance!”

And that is just an example of one model of safety shoe. There are plenty more out there with customized attributes! For heat, for cold, lighter version, heavy duty version, anti-static and many more!

Why is all this important?

Fellow heroes,

Even though you might be protected with your solid armour on your body,

Can you walk into the danger wearing just a normal sneaker?

Ensuring your foot safety is as important as ensuring your body safety.

If it is not as important, Tony Stark would not bother making a whole suit, maybe.

Stepped on a Lego already took 5 years of my life, I could not bear more pain than that.

Anyways, back to the safety shoes.

How do you know which is the right shoe for you?

Keep reading because I am about to expose some of the hero’s society secret (I wish).

Number 1, Steel Toe Cap.

Toe Cap is used to protect our toe if heavy objects ever fall on the feet. It is the must have in every kind of safety shoes. It can resist drop force of 200 joules and is suitable to use in wide range of industrial, construction and all general-purpose workplace. Perhaps Thor can try a wing of Mjölnir on it and let us see whether our toe got crushed or not.

Number 2, Fibreglass Toe Cap.

Fibreglass Toe Cap is virtually free of metal components; so, you can move through security environment without any hassle. It is lighter compare to steel toe cap much more flexible. It will not rust and will not transmit electricity because it is non-metal. It can resist drop force of 200 joules as well. Guess who need this shoe? Yes, I am looking at you Quicksilver.

Number 3, Anti-Penetration Midsole.

As an extra protection against the mighty Legos, midsole is added in some of the safety shoes to reduce the risk of sharp objects penetrating through the sole, or as I would call it, The Bottom Defense. Okay that does not sound as epic as I thought. Anyways, RHINO SHOE has two different types of midsole which are Steel Midsole and Anti-Penetration Fabric Midsole. These midsoles will be used in most of the industrial or construction workplace as penetration resistant feature is highly regarded.

Number 4, Premium Quality Leather.

By using high quality upper materials, it makes RHINO SHOE comfortable and durable. Read: High Quality Upper Materials. Every step in choosing the materials are being checked strictly before started producing it. By combining good materials with fully equipped manufacturing facilities incorporated with the latest shoe making technology, the safety shoes are durable and comfortable to be used in different working environment.

Number 5, Oil Resistant.

Oil Resistant feature is specially designed to protect the soles from damaged caused by oil and other fuels. The special material used in the outsole enables you to move freely on your job without worrying that your shoes will deteriorate due to high exposure to hydrocarbons.

Number 6, Chemical Resistant Outsole

The special material used in these safety shoes' outsoles can help to resist common acid and alkali so you can work freely without worrying that your shoes will be corroded after walking on a place which is highly exposed to acid and alkali.

Number 7, Heat Resistant.

Heat resistant’s safety shoes will protect you for small period of time if you are ever to be exposed directly to heat that exceeds or meets certain temperature. RHINO SHOE with Nitrile Rubber outsole can withstand heat temperature up to 300°C.

Number 8, Anti-Slip Outsole.

Anti-slip outsole will help to reduce slips, trips and falls. The shape and pattern of RHINO SHOE outsole were specially design to increase grip on wet or oily floors. Therefore, this specially design outsole will help users to walk freely and with better balance while moving.

Number 9, Antistatic.

The antistatic feature in safety shoes is designed to reduce the build-up of excess static electricity by conducting body charge to the ground. This is essential to eliminate the risk posed by sparks igniting flammable substances or vapours.

Number 10, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

ESD is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrical charged objects caused by contact, electrical short or dielectric breakdown. It can be caused by tribocharging or electrical induction. Therefore, ESD feature in safety shoes is important to protect sensitive equipment from damage and reduce the danger of ignition or explosion of hazardous materials caused by the build-up and release of static electricity and Thor.

Academical stuff, right? I bet Tony Stark knows everything there is about this. He incorporated almost every possible safety aspect he can.

Now, we can be a Stark too, though not on a very large scale like Tony is but we can slowly custom-made our hero’s suit.

I take ‘finding the right shoe’ very personal. It is what I am going to walk my path in.

And my path was not as rosy as I thought it would be.

So, for those walking thorny path as I do,

And for you heroes who walks dangerous alley,

Don’t we all need our high-defense’s safety shoe?

Everyone is a hero.

Act like one. Wear like one.

A hero keeps everyone safe and keep themselves safe first and utmost.

Anyway, contact us today if you are looking for the right shoe! We will gladly help you to search for your Mr

Until next time, flying out!

Written by Nurul Nazurah